Public Speaking Quote – June 26th, 2009

“When you work with the thing you fear the most, you take away it’s power”
– Natatie Davis (played by Jessica Collins on the TV show CSI

I know that quoting a TV show can be not as profound as a former first lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) or one of the all time great geniuses (Albert Einstein). However, I think this quote has a great truth in it.

The truth is that when you are willing to face your fear and work with it (or embrace it), you slowly take away it’s power over you. In Natalie’s case, she had a fear of bleach. Once in prison, she began to work with it and thus reduce it’s power over her.

For those of you with a fear of public speaking, you will find that the more you speak, the less you will fear it. I’m not saying that the fear will be completely removed. However, you will learn to control it versus it controlling you.

Speak well!

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