Public Speaking Without Panic – The Book

Public Speaking Without Panic: The Book

Public Speaking Without Panic: The Book

Well, it’s been almost 3 years in the making but I can proudly say that I have officially published my first Public Speaking book. The book is called Public Speaking Without Panic: A How-To Guide to Giving Speeches, Presentations, and Oral Exams With Less Fear, Panic, Stress, and Anxiety (I know – it’s a long title which is why I just say “Public Speaking Without Panic”.

Here’s the summary:

Public Speaking is considered one of the top fears. In most surveys it ranks higher than death. Most people will do almost anything to avoid it. Unfortunately most of us will have to face this fear at some point in our life (you won’t believe some of the things I did – it’s in this book).

Does this sound familiar?

Your heart is racing. You can feel your blood pressure rising. The sweat is starting to drip from your face, hands, and every other exposed body part. The knot in your stomach has gone from a dull ache to nausea. You are heading for a full blown panic attack. Your flight or fight instinct says RUN!

This sounds like a character from a horror film that is about to get attacked by the mutant alien inchworm killer. It’s not. This is you, just moments before having to get up in front of an audience to give a speech or presentation.

Public Speaking Without Panic is a “how-to” guide that can help you harness and control your public speaking panic, fear, anxiety, and stress. With this guide you will learn simple techniques that will help you keep your fear at bay. 

Using simple, straight forward tools and tips, you’ll learn:
– How a simple “trick” can make you relax almost instantly
– How developing a “grocery list” can give your presentation a better flow
– Why using slides works in some cases and doesn’t work in others
– How to properly practice to reduce the amount of stress and fear, and build confidence at the same time
– How going to the grocery store can help eliminate public speaking fear
– Why getting to your location early and meeting the audience can give you a bigger confidence boost

This book is a compilation of the tips and tricks I use in every one of my presentations. If you apply the techniques in this easy-to-follow guide, you too will be on your way to public speaking confidence.

Many questions like Why are you afraid of public speaking are answered, as well as many tips for preparing for a successful speech or presentation.

Currently the only format the book is in is Amazon Kindle. However, Amazon has readers for the PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices for free. So, don’t feel like you can’t get the book because you don’t have a reader. I also plan to have a physical book available soon (for those of you who like a good old fashioned book to hold).

Here’s the link to the book: Public Speaking Without Panic: A How-To Guide to Giving Speeches, Presentations, and Oral Exams With Less Fear, Panic, Stress, and Anxiety

Right now it’s only $2.99. I’m planning to raise the price at some point. So, if you’re even the slightest bit interested, get it now while it’s at the lowest price.

If you do get the book, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you would leave me a review. The public speaking and public speaking fear topic has been something that I’ve been involved with for some time. It would be great to hear from other public speaking participants.